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Roller blind 



Aluminum profiles

2mm thick aluminum tube

Stainless steel 316 accessories

Powder coat


Width: 1.00M - 5M

Height: 1.00M - 5M

2 Year Warranty



PVC Coated polyester fabric

95% mesh weave

10 year warranty


Solution dye acrylic fabric

UV and fade resistant

Water resistant

Made in Spain

10 year warranty

PVC  fabric

100% waterproof

Block from sun and rain

1 year warranty




Motor (Remote)

Automatic Sensor (Wind/Sun)



Sun shade

Protect from rain

Home design

Phloen Chit
Private Residence


Club house

Vertical Roller blinds

The features of this type of curtain Can be used to shade the sun, rain and filter outside light to prevent entering the building. Yes, less space for installation, roll up when not in use With stainless steel sling Walking to increase strength. Highlight product of BKK Awning in this product is Zip Screen. This model is developed from the original. By changing from stainless steel slings to aluminium rails, can 100% sun and 100% wind. The rails can be painted. profile to match the building structure


The width of the awning starts at 1.00m. - 5.00 m.

Height up to 5M

Installation methods:

1. Manualise system, open and close using the hand crank

2. Motorise System: open and close by controlling via a switch or remote control

3. Automatic System (Automatic System)

The automatic awning can control the system via a mobile application.



Aluminium powder coated along with steel accessories. (Stainless steel accessories can be chosen). 

Stainless steel 316 accessories can be selected as an option.

Canvas features

1) Suntex fabric is a PVC mesh fabric structure. Able to let wind and light pass through up to 95%. Warranty is provided up to 10 years on the durability of the fabric.

2) Acrylic fabric imported from Europe or America is the recommended fabric material. We guarantee the colour does not fade and has a water resistant coating with colour fastness warranty up to 10 years.

3) PVC fabric is a high quality PVC fabric especially for awning, both 100% light-proof and allows light to pass through. Highly durable and is waterproof. Warranty ranges from 1-3 years.

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